Teléfono L'Anxoveta93 555 48 22 | Mapa L'AnxovetaC/ Barcelona, 50 - 08320 El Masnou (Barcelona)

Teléfono L'Anxoveta93 555 48 22 | Mapa L'AnxovetaC/ Barcelona, 50 - 08320 El Masnou (Barcelona)

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  • Cantabrian Anchovy

    Cantabrian Anchovy

    Since 1988, we have been using traditional methods to prepare the best anchovies caught in the Cantabrian Sea.

  • Fresh anchovies cured traditionally in vinegar

    Fresh anchovies cured traditionally in vinegar

    Our anchovies are always fresh, which is the best way to ensure they are white and delicious.

  • Buy our products online now

    Buy our products online now

    In addition to our shop in El Masnou (Maresme), you can now also buy our products online.

  • We are distributors. Get in touch

    We are distributors. Get in touch

    We distribute our products in restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. Get in touch and we'll tell you all about it.

  • Cantabrian Anchovy
  • Fresh anchovies cured traditionally in vinegar
  • Buy our products online now
  • We are distributors. Get in touch

Traditional preparation of anchovies and appetisers

At your side in El Masnou since 1988

We are a small company located in El Masnou, committed to the traditional preparation of different types of anchovies and fresh anchovies cured in vinegar.

Since 1988, we have sourced the best anchovy catches from the Bay of Biscay and elsewhere so that we are able to supply our customers with the very best produce. Our produce is subjected to the most rigorous security measures so that they reach our customers in the best condition.

Read about how we use traditional methods to prepare our anchovies and anchovies in vinegar and buy our products online or through our physical shop in El Masnou.


Preserving and processing anchovies

The origin of anchovies can be traced back to before Roman times, in the area of Sicily and the Italian Amalfi coast. Italian migrants who settled in Cantabria realised the great potential of anchovy catches for making a product typical of where they lived.

In the past, salt was a highly prized commodity due to its ability to preserve food. In fact, salt was the currency with which workers were paid for their work, hence the word salary.

Before we had refrigerators, fish and meat were preserved in salt for months. Large quantities of food could therefore be built up and preserved over time.

Our anchovies are fished mainly in April and May, which is when the large shoals rise to the surface to spawn. This is when they are fished.

We preserve the anchovies for a minimum of six to eight months in salt. We apply a large amount of pressure to extract the water from the fish, achieving a particular texture - a pink cured meat with a smell and a highly distinctive flavour.

We mainly prepare two types of anchovies: anchovies from the Atlantic Ocean and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.

Anchovies arrive at us in different packaging formats. From 5kg and 10kg cans to 300kg drums.

We start the desalting process depending on customers' needs. A key characteristic is the low presence of chlorides and high humidity, which gives our anchovies their characteristic texture and flavour.

Cantabrian anchovies and Atlantic anchovies - what are the differences?

The Cantabrian anchovy is from the species Engraulis Encrasicolus and the Atlantic anchovy from the species Encraulis Anchoita. There are differences between the two species in terms of how they look, smell and taste. One of the most characteristic differences between them is that the Atlantic anchovy has more bones than the Cantabrian anchovy and its flavour is a little stronger - more "fishy". Cantabrian anchovies have a smoother and more characteristic flavour and are considered the best in the world.

The best anchovies in vinegar, made with fresh fish

Our anchovies are always made using fresh fish. In fact, the best way to get a good, white anchovy is always to use fresh fish. Frozen fish used by other brands does not achieve the same texture, quality or white colour as ours without the use of additives.

The taste we achieve is mild, not very vinegary, and has a soft note on the palate.

Using freezing techniques (72 hours at -25 degrees centigrade) we eliminate - as is required by law - the parasite 'anisakis'.

We prepare our anchovies and anchovies in vinegar in different formats according to our customers' needs - from 80gr packages for shops to 3kg buckets for restaurants.

You will find us in the shop located at 50 Calle Barcelona between El Masnou and Ocata stations. There, we offer the full variety of container sizes and formats that we market.

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